21 Jul 2024 05:41

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After acing the MENA Effie Awards, FP7/MENA dominates the Global Effie’s

The Effie Index identifies and ranks the most effective agencies, marketers, brands, networks, and holding companies by analyzing finalist and winner data from Effie Award competitions around the world. Announced annually, it is the most comprehensive global ranking of marketing effectiveness. 

McCann Worldgroup (1565 points) unseats BBDO (1550 points) as the most effective agency network globally in 2018. Consistently ranked in the top five since 2011, it is the first time that McCann holds the top spot. BBDO drops to second with Ogilvy ranking third and DDB ranking fourth.

Interestingly for the MENA region, despite getting points from only 1 Effie competition, while other agencies including the #1 ranked Sancho BBDO (276 points) got their points from 2 competitions (LATAM and Colombia), FP7/DXB ranks as the #2 Most Effective Agency Office Globally (255 points) after finishing at #4 in 2014, #2 in 2015, #1 in 2016 and #3 in 2017. And with agencies from India who also got their points from 2 competitions, despite getting its points from only 1 competition, FP7/CAI ranks as the #8 Most Effective Agency Office Globally!

Tarek Miknas, CEO of FP7/MENA, says, “I’m completely honored and humbled at the same time. Doing work that makes a meaningful difference for the brands that we represent is our job. Creativity that is not self-serving, nor made for award shows, but rather works to benefit both brand and consumer, is what makes us proud. That’s our True North. The fact that our Effie-winning work also wins at creative shows, goes to show that the complementary forces of effectiveness and creative brilliance, in our line of work, are 2 sides of the same coin.”

FP7/MENA, therefore, is the most awarded agency network in a single regional competition (ranked 1) vs. all other regions and agencies, globally. We’ve achieved this for the third year running. For the 5th consecutive year, it is #1 Network in MENA with the next agency being UM (94 points) followed by J.

Walter Thompson (92 points), BBDO (89 points) and OMD (79 points). Jon Marchant, MD of FP7/UAE, says, “The Effie’s make us very proud for two main reasons: first they are done via true partnerships with our valued clients and second, they prove, beyond all reasonable doubt, that daring creativity and commercial success go hand-in-hand.”

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