22 Jul 2024 02:29

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FCB Africa Celebrates 90 Years Of Iconic South African Advertising

FCB Africa – having opened doors in 1926 as E Lindsay Smithers Advertising Agent with the Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company as its first client – is celebrating 90 years of iconic South African advertising this month.

To mark the milestone, eNCA is paying tribute to FCB with a microsite featuring favourite ads and best memories of several dozen of the agency’s most well-known alumni as well some of the current FCB employees. 

To take your own walk down memory lane, with some past, recent and current industry legends visit www.enca.com/FCB90, www.facebook.com/FCBAfrica/ or follow @FCBafrica. 

A few of the ads you’ll get to see include the iconic South African Airways ‘Cost Cutters’ from 1988, Sasol Super 100 ‘Glug Glug’ and Toyota ‘Go-Kart’ both from 1991, Gill Anti-Dandruff Shampoo ‘Bikers’ from 1995, Beechies ‘Icebreaker – Nipple Stand’ from 1998, Vodacom 4U ‘Bungee Jumping Baby’ and ‘Baby Astronaut’ from the early 2000s, First National Bank’s ‘How can we help you – Pale toe’ and more recent favourites such as Klipdrift ‘Friendly Frikkie – Met Eish’ and Savanna’s ‘It’s dry but you can drink it’. 

Celebrating with current FCB employees in Cape Town and in Johannesburg, Morris said it was humbling to follow in the footsteps of such giants, and a tribute to the FCB Family that it has remained at the forefront of South African advertising. 

“I couldn’t be more proud of the people who work at FCB today, who so passionately push themselves to the limit to ensure the work they do on our client’s behalf truly resonates with ordinary South Africans,” he said. “And with FCB Joburg and Hellocomputer having just been awarded AdFocus Large Agency of the Year and Digital Agency of the Year respectively, it’s fair to say they’re still flying the FCB flag very high, he added.

“It has been an awesome few weeks watching the ads that the alumni have nominated as their favourites over the years. But more than anything, it made me realise that FCB has always made ads than speak to the hearts and souls of ordinary South Africans, the people who matter most to its clients.

“And while the agency’s work regularly features on the Millward Brown Most Liked Lists, while we are often awarded Agency of the Year Accolades and come home after creative awards ceremonies with more metal for our trophy cabinets, it’s important for us to realise that the best part of a brand’s story is never finished. 

“There’s part of us that always asks what can we do better? And always wonders what’s next? What’s waiting to be discovered? And it’s not just the story of the brand or an idea. It’s the story of all of us. Always moving forward. Always looking back. Always a work in progress.

“I’m so excited to mark 90 years with the help of our alumni, but I’m equally excited to look forward with our clients and new generation of FCB Family to creating new iconic work and new memories.”

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