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Rapid-growth automotive technology company launches in UAE

After-market automotive supply and safety specialist Slamstop, a division of Upstream Capital Management Pte.Ltd, has launched in the UAE where it will establish its regional headquarters as the company rolls out expansion into the Middle East in line with its global strategy.

The regional market for its aftersales door closing mechanism is projected to be worth tens-of-millions of dollars for the multinational company and is expected to become its most important region globally, ahead of the US.

Slamstop produces an innovative door retracting system for the automotive market. This universal soft door closer is designed to mechanically close car doors softly, ensuring none remain unsecured on a vehicle. It is the first and only aftersales product of its kind; previously, these devices were only available on some luxury cars such as the Mercedes S-class and BMW 7 series.

Launched to market in 2011, Slamstop has quickly expanded its business interests into ten countries across North America, Europe and Asia. Expansion into the UAE marks the company’s 11th country and comes after six months of extensive research and development into the Middle East’s potential as a market for the unique product.

Slamstop Country Manager Ulugbek Turdaliev said: “The Middle East, and GCC in particular, represent the next stage in our company’s growth as these are strategically important markets that research shows could potentially become our biggest regions globally – ahead of the US which is our current leading market. 

The global approach and research objectives of the company has seen it conduct several international exhibitions including Automechanika shows in Dubai, Shanghai, Moscow and Frankfurt; the SEMA Show in Las Vegas; and PWA conference in Phoenix. The company also partnered with a leading international consultancy agency to help develop its global strategy.

“Our research and understanding of the region shows us there is a consumer base ready to embrace new technologies such as Slamstop as it is something unique that appeals to a broad cross section of society.”

“We are already very connected to the region, its car culture and the desire for performance that’s unique to the Middle East so we’re very excited to finally be launching here after our first visit to the Middle East last year when we sponsored the Ferrari Racing Team at Yas Marina Circuit for the Gulf 12 Hours.”

The Slamstop product is produced by a specialist South Korean automotive manufacturer and has been tested for more than 30000 cycles.

Slamstop has identified four key segments of the market as potential customers. These include gadget lovers and car enthusiasts – people who love automotive technology or crave the latest technology; high-end car owners who demand luxury; and families with children looking for the highest safety features.

Focusing on the aftermarket allows Slamstop to provide an additional value proposition to end-customers, as currently softclosing devices are mainly available in new premium vehicles and at a higher cost.

“We’re confident in the investment we’re making into the regional market with this unique innovative product that has only been available for the luxury segment of the automotive market in the past,” Turdaliev said.

“We’re focusing on strong partnerships with distributors and third party automotive service specialists that will enable us to quickly penetrate the market so our product is readily available for consumers, some of whom we already know are specifically seeking a product like Slamstop which, until now, wasn’t available as an after-market option.”

“This is a great opportunity for potential partners and distributors as Slamstop is a unique, innovative product with universal application and incredibly high-margins for partners, who will fully support with ongoing training and 24-hour assistance.

Slamstop is compatible with all cars of any class, regardless of age and model. It will be available to customers in the UAE at distributers, autoparts retailers, workshops, garages and the Slamstop showroom in Al Quoz from February.

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